Becoming a trusted, reliable and customer oriented company in production where excellence and perfection in our production are absolutely exhibited, evidenced and approved by customers. Operational excellence management system

  • Achieve an accident and injury free work place
  • Promote a healthy workplace and mitigate significant workplace health risks
  • Identify and mitigate environmental and process safety risks
  • Operate with industry – leading asset integrity and reliability
  • Efficiently use natural resources and assets

Quality Check

For quality and consistency, look to our oils. From sunflower to other edible oil, our portfolio includes first-rate oils formulated for excellence as ingredients in food production . Whether your goal is reducing trans-fat, lowering saturated fatty acids, extending shelf life or simply producing quality products, we have the ingredient for you. We will help you find the product that best suits your formulation, providing full functionality while maintaining workability, high quality, taste and texture.