21st Century Food and Packaging Ltd

21st Century Food and Packaging is one of MeTL Group’s more recent ventures. The subsidiary is based on the road to the airport in Dar es Salaam, and has two main functions: The first is to manufacture artificial table top sweeteners, and the second is a massive wheat and maize milling operation, with rice and pulse production capacity.

Artificial Tabletop Sweeteners

MeTL Group’s own brand artificial sweetener, Kijiko Kimoja (KK), is available in consumer and industrial packs. The product is sold as being twice as sweet as sugar but more affordable.


KK gives you the same taste of sugar for two spoons in one spoon, thus consuming less sugar and avoiding calories, also with increasing prices of sugar this can be a money saver also.

Versatility of Products

The company produces this brand in 200 grams and 500 grams packets.


21st Century Food produces 600 cartons a day of artificial sweetener.


The company aims at increasing the production from 600 cartons per day to 1200 cartons per day this year and going forward next year to further double it to 2400 cartons per day.