Position 21st Century Textiles to become a major player in the textiles industry in the East and Central Africa. Projection: With the addition of a second ginnery, MeTL Group will be able to double the ginning capacity to 90,000 bales within two years.

21st Century Textiles Ltd

Located in Morogoro, 200km west of Dar es Salaam, 21st Century Textiles is the largest employer in Tanzania’s textile sector. 21st Century Textiles is also MeTL Group’s anchor textile company. Acquired by MeTL Group in 1998, from the then Morogoro Polyester Textiles Ltd, the plant has undergone intensive modernization and expansion. Between 2006 and 2010, considerable investment was made to upgrade all three areas of activity—spinning for the production of yarn, weaving for the production of heavy and light fabrics and processing for the production of printed traditional dress material.


The company procures medium staple East African cotton fibres lint produced by MeTL Group’s Mutex ginnery in Mwanza and other ginneries. The Group’s polyester yarn and fibre is obtained from leading international manufacturers.

Versatility of Products:

21st Century Textiles produces high quality African textiles, light and heavy fabrics, including kitenge and khanga, household linens, uniform drill, grey and canvas fabric, cotton yarn (for export) and yarn dyed fabric (Masai cloth), kikoy, shirting, suiting and dress material.


21st Century Textiles has an installed capacity to produce 720 tons of 100% cotton yarn monthly (8,640 tons per annum) and 150 tons of 100% polyester or blended yarn monthly (1,800 tons per annum). The plant has a production capacity of 60 million meters of high quality African wear per annum. Spinning – the plant has an installed capacity of 75,000 spindles with a total spinning capacity of 25 meters of open-end yarn per day (7,500 meters per annum).

Weaving – the plant has an installed capacity of 60 million running meters of fabric per annum.
Processing – the plant has an installed capacity of 62 million meters of dress material per annum. The process involves de-sizing, washing, bleaching, mercerizing, reducing dye stuff, heating, printing, steaming, print wash and packaging.


21st Century Textiles aims to become the largest textile mill in East Africa under one roof.

To come up with a state of the art knitting and garments factory, which will produce 6,600,000, knitted garments per annum.

The Factory is planning to produce heavy canvas fabrics as well as wider fabrics in order to cater to the local as well as the export markets.