MeTL Group plans to invest in a second ginnery on the same site. Furthermore MeTL Group is investing in a denim project, which is going to produce jeans for the export market. The oil will be extracted from the cottonseeds, which will come out of the ginnery and be used for edible cottonseed oil.

MeTL Ginning Company Ltd

MeTL Group installed a cotton ginnery in 2011, taking advantage of lakeside land in Mwanza that the group already owns as part of the Musoma Textiles Mill.


MeTL Group is vertically integrated. The Group can grow cotton (refer to Agriculture page), process it at the ginnery and then use the processed cotton to make a range of textiles products for local and export markets. The ginnery ensures farmers a market for their produce, while also supplying cotton to MeTL Group’s textile plant with low transportation costs.

MeTL Group’s trading division can export cottonseed to various global markets including India, China, Bangladesh, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea, Kenya and Switzerland.

The Group’s lower transport costs increase the company’s competitive advantage, while benefit will also be gained by halting the purchase of gray fabrics from distant points.

Versatility of Products:

MeTL Group prepares the cotton for spinning purposes. Furthermore the seeds are crushed for cotton seed oil.


The installed capacity is 300 bales per day (105,000 bales per annum). The plant can process 6,000kg of seed per hour, equivalent to more than 45,000 metric tons of seed per annum.

Denim Jeans