Mo Cashews Ltd

Established in 2002, and located in Dar es Salaam, Mo Cashews is MeTL Group’s cashew processing plant. The company employs more than 450 people. Since its inception, the plant has become fully mechanized, enabling it to maintain its leading position in an exceedingly competitive global market.

In 2012, Tanzania produced about 158,000 metric tons of cashews, but less than 10% was processed internally. Mo Cashews is now in an ideal position to take up the challenge, set by the Government, to ensure all Tanzanian cashews are processed before export. Mo Cashews works with Tanzanian cashew farmers to ensure there is a smooth, fair, reliable progression, from harvest to processing and sale (see Agriculture pages).


Strong presence in the Tanzanian market and an established customer base in the USA, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, India, the Middle East and neighboring African countries.

Newly modernized mechanized plant will allow it to increase its cashew nut processing operations.

Only cashew processing plant in the commercial capital of Tanzania and one of the largest cashew processing facilities in Tanzania.
Good long-term relationships with local farmers, offering a purchasing guarantee for raw cashew nuts, as well as providing transport, logistics and storage facilities.

Versatility of Products

Mo Cashews offers cashew nuts in a variety of preparations, from raw to roasted, and in a variety of sizes and grades. The top grade cashews are generally exported and inferior grades are sold locally.


Mo Cashews has a processing capacity of 10 tons per day (3,650 tons per annum) of raw cashews.


The production capacity is forecast to increase to 10,000 metric tons per annum.