The company is at present running its process house by importing grey fabrics and will soon be producing yarn as well as grey fabrics in house.

Nova Texmoque LDA

Nova Texmoque is an affiliate company of MeTL Group operating a textiles plant in Mozambique. MeTL Group acquired the then dilapidated state-owned Textile Industry Texmoque S.A.R.L in 2006.The plant was intensively rehabilitated and modernized in 2009 when the textile processing unit became operational, using imported fabrics to make products including locally-worn cloth capulanas. Between 2009 and 2012, Nova Texmoque developed its spinning and weaving textiles production processes, and linked them with the processing unit.


The expansion project allowed Nova Texmoque to capture the local market for cotton, reducing the importation of fabrics into Mozambique and saving the country on foreign currency. MeTL Group is now promoting cotton growing locally, increasing employment locally and contributing towards increases in national outputs.

Versatility of Products:

Nova Texmoque produces capulanas, bed sheets, linen, sail Cloth and kisambi.


The processing unit consumes over 12 million running meters of fabrics per year, out of which six million running meters of cotton fabric are internally produced, and the remainder are imported polyester fabrics.


The company is undergoing rehabilitation and installation of additional modern high-speed spinning machines allow Nova Texmoque to produce 130,000kg of 100% cotton yarn per month.
Modern high-speed weaving machines are going to produce 10 Million meters per annum.

Bed Linen