MeTL Group has three tea estates in two different regions with 2,350 hectares of planted tea and 1,200 hectares under contract farming to small-scale farmers. 95% of tea produced is exported either direct or via Mombasa Auction in neighbouring Kenya, and the rest is sold to local blenders.


3 new tea factories with 5 lines of CTC machinery and 1 line of orthodox tea machinery with a combined processing capacity of 250,000kg of green leaf per day. The factories are: Arc Mountain and Dindira in Korogwe District and Chivanjee in Rungwe District. Production of quality made tea from harvested green leaf as preferred by most leading blenders and packers across the tea-drinking world at our three factories, above. Tea produced at these factories is grown on mineral rich soils at high altitude. Bimodal Seasonal rainfall is well-distributed enabling year round green leaf production at our tea estates. The Group’s medical dispensaries are staffed by trained medical staff, who provide healthcare to workers’ families and neighboring communities, who live in otherwise remote locations. Mother and Child initiative forms basis of family health-care.
Tea estates provide women in the neighboring communities with safe, non-discriminatory, regular and sustainable sources of income, as well as day care centers and primary schools for their children.

Versatility of Products:

MeTL Group’s tea plantations are fully operational. There is a regular pruning cycle, fertilizer regime and a sustainable weed control program. Area planted with latest researched tea clones variety is being extended with an objective to increase yields and quality in green leaf production. The Group has a mutual beneficial relationship with neighbouring small holders to purchase their green leaf for processing.
The Group has extended its agro-product range to include cinchona plant whose bark is exported to Europe and Asia where quinine is extracted for medicinal and industrial use.

The group is also planning to introduce eco-tourism on the West Usambara Mountains, which is rich with well-preserved rain forests at Balangai and Arc Mountain estates, with establishment of two fully self-contained guest-houses at Balangai Estate (Lushoto District) and Arc Mountain Estate (Korogwe District). Facilities include a swimming pool, lawn tennis and hiking, trekking and biking.
MeTL Group has undertaken sustainable management of land and forest and fuel resources. The group owns: 2,900 hectares of natural rainforest’s, conserved land and water bodies; 900 hectares of sustainable wood fuel plantations; 159 hectares of high value timber trees; 744 hectares of Cinchona plantations; and other land under alternating crops. These lands also include factory buildings, timber mills, nurseries, warehouses, residential and ancillary buildings, airstrips, roads and bridges. The assets are professionally managed, with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and transport fleets.


MeTL Group produces approximately 5,000 tons of tea annually of which 4,000 tons is black tea of a medium and high grown variety, rich in flavones with antioxidant properties and free of any additives. MeTL Group’s tea estates currently produce 15% of the Tanzanian Tea.


MeTL Group plans to double production over the next few years via an integrated long-term development program, working with local indigenous tea farmers. The Group also plans to expand into the specialty tea market to manufacture green tea and produce blended packet tea.


MeTL Group aims to increase tea production by replanting most areas with newly researched clonal tea plants; build on existing effective fertilizer and plant husbandry programs to increase yields on the existing area. MeTL Group also plans to develop areas of extensive fuel wood, a high-value tree plantation and renewable hydroelectric projects.