A-One Products and Bottlers Ltd

  • A–One is MeTL Group’s third largest factory and primarily produces packing materials and beverages.
  • We are the leading producers of drinking water and flavored drinks in Tanzania.
  • A-One has a strong brand presence in the market with products such as Masafi, Maisha and Just Chill drinking water and Pride juices - all upheld as trusted household names across the country.


A-One began its operations in 1997 in Tanga and the plant was later relocated to Dar es Salaam in 1998. Initially we produced PET preforms, PET bottles and engaged in filling beverages. By 2001, we expanded our activities to produce PP buckets and lids as well as HDPE jerry cans. Today our PP buckets are available in 10 and 20 litre sizes and our HDPE jerry cans are available in one, three and 20 litre sizes. This packaging is primarily produced for East Coast Oils and Fats Ltd. In 2007, A-One introduced a cup and sheet making division to cater to the requirements of the local Tanzanian population.

Today and into the future

A-One is self sufficient in fulfilling the daily packaging requirements of our Group company, East Coast Oils and Fats Ltd. and we currently have the capacity to produce over 12 million PP buckets and more than one million HDPE jerry cans per annum. In beverages, our filling capacity is 20 million cases of water and flavored drinks per annum and we can produce the same amount of PET preforms / bottles / cups for filling beverages.

Ten years on, we employ more than 1,100 people and have a fleet of over 100 vehicles that provide door-to-door service to our customers and add value to our strong distribution network, A-One’s tremendous success of its brands Masafi, Maisha, Just Chill and Pride in the beverage market has meant in an eleven-fold increase in production and sales over the last 6 years – a true indication of market satisfaction.

Our innovative product development department is launching a variety of new products:

  • Masafi natural fruit juices in a variety of flavors for every lifestyle, life stage and occasion.
  • Carbonated soft drinks in PET bottles; with an investment of over USD 15 million and a production capacity of 14.4 million crates per annum, A-One will be shortly introducing carbonated soft drinks in a variety of different flavors (Portello).
  • Maheu drink – an all round natural energy drink, suitable for children and adults that guarantees instant energy to the consumer. This carbohydrate and protein-rich product can also be used as a meal substitute.
  • A-One has solidly invested on a large expansion program to better suit its production needs:
  • A-One has recently commissioned a modern Reverse Osmosis Plant that delivers 100 M3 of mineral-rich water per hour. It will be one of the largest water treatment plants in the East African bloc.
  • A-One is investing over USD 15 million to upgrade our HDPE, injection, blowing and beverage divisions in order to triple production capacity.
  • We are also establishing a second manufacturing division on the shores of Lake Victoria, in Mwanza.