MEdible Oils and Soaps

Edible Oils & Soaps

East Coast Oils and Fats Ltd

East Coast Oils and Fats is a state of the art facility for the manufacture of edible oils, soaps and fats and is the largest plant of its kind in East and Central Africa. East Coast’s advanced and modern manufacturing facility allows us to consistently have a competitive edge in the market in terms of quality and delivery. Our close proximity to Dar es Salaam’s port facilities provides us with a direct advantage reflected down the line in product pricing to consumers at large.

The East Coast plant consists of a physical refinery, a dry-fractionation plant and a soap manufacturing facility – all with outstanding capacity. East Coast also implements the use of natural gas from Songo Songo to run the plant, in line with modern environmentally conscious manufacturing. The facility highlights include:

  • 600 tons per day of refining capacity, including bleaching and deodorization.
  • 750 tons per day of fractioning capacity beginning with refined palm oil.
  • Chemical refining capacity of 300 tons of soft oils daily.
  • A manufacturing line for toilet soap with a capacity of 600 tons a month.
  • Four manufacturing lines for laundry soap with an aggregate capacity of 9,000 tons per month of finished soap.
  • A railway siding within the plant premises ensuring savings on delivery costs.
  • East Coast has been in production since October 2006, a mere 18 months after project conceptualization. We cater to the needs of 60% of the Tanzanian market.

Royal Soap and Detergent Industries Ltd

Royal Soap and Detergent Industries is another initiative from the MeTL Group. Located in the Mabibo Industrial Area of Dar es Salaam, the facility is designed to manufacture detergent powder, detergent paste and liquid detergent. This project is due to be completed in July 2011 and will feature:

  • Modern, fully automated technology.
  • The largest capacity in East Africa to produce 10 tons per hour of detergent powder.
  • A capacity of two tons per hour of detergent paste and a half ton per hour of liquid detergent.
  • Three formulations of detergents for various applications.