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MeTL Group is the largest textile producer in Sub-Saharan Africa with four textile mills (three in Tanzania and one in Mozambique) and an annual production of 100 million running meters of fabric.

At MeTL Group we have always believed in the best, be it raw materials, machinery or expert personnel. Our textile mills are designed by specialists and equipped with world-renown machinery from Sclafhorst, Rieter, Trutzchler, Sulzer, Picanol, Monforts, Artos and Stork amongst others.

All our textile companies meet industry compliance standards that are essential to sustain the value chain and the right ethos. Our companies have an established welfare program that includes housing, subsidized meals, transportation, insurance, medical care and health awareness programs.21st Century Textiles Ltd

21st Century Textiles

Is the largest and most modern textile company in East and Central Africa. It uses state-of-the art European and American machinery and is equipped to handle a variety of raw material, including cotton and polyester.

We procure medium staple East African cotton fibers produced partly at our own ginnery and other fine ginneries. Our polyester yarn and fiber is obtained from leading international manufacturers.

  • 21st Century Textiles has an installed capacity to produce 720 tons of 100% cotton yarn and 150 tons of 100% polyester or blended yarn monthly.
  • We produce high quality African wear, kitenge and khanga (traditional African print wraps for women), household linens, uniform drill, grey and canvas fabric, cotton yarn (for export) and yarn dyed fabric (masai cloth), kikoy (traditional African wraps usually worn by men), shirting, suiting and dress material. The plant has a production capacity of 50 million meters per annum.
  • Located in Morogoro, 200 km. west of Dar es Salaam, 21st Century Textiles is the largest employer in Tanzania’s textile sector.

Afritex Ltd Afritex

Is another MeTL Group textile company with an established reputation for excellence in the manufacture of khanga, kitenge, household linen and a wide range of other textile goods.

Afritex Ltd exports its yarn across Europe and has recently undertaken a massive modernization program, which will expand its production capacity to 300 tons of cotton yarn and 30 million meters of woven fabric per annum.

Our process house is installed with a range of machines for bleaching, dyeing, printing and finishing 100% cotton fabrics. Over the years, Afritex has been consistently considered as the torchbearer of quality. Today it boasts of a 30% share in Tanzania’s textile market, a number that is continuously increasing.

Musoma Textiles Ltd

Musoma Textiles another MeTL Group textile mill was acquired in 2007 with an aim to increase market share in the Lake Zone Region with enhanced productivity and quality.

We aim to modernize the spinning and weaving departments, though the process house is already operational and our khangas and kitenges are a household name in the region. We anticipate the production capacity to be one million meters per month once upgradation is complete.

Novatexmoque LDA

The MeTL Group purchased the parastatal Novatexmoque from the Mozambique Government in 2007. Modernization of the plant is underway with USD four million injected to replace outdated machinery. Expected capacity upon completion is one million running meters of fabric a month.

Currently, fabrics from other textile mills in the MeTL Group are being sold in Mozambique to capture the market.