National Bicycle Company Ltd (NABICO)

As one of the largest manufacturers and assemblers of bicycles, tricycles, motorized three wheelers and motorcycles in East Africa, MeTL Group’s National Bicycle Company (NABICO) is a regional success.


NABICO has an excellent reputation that allows our quality products to strongly compete with cheap Indian and Chinese imports within Tanzania and in neighbouring markets.

Versatility of Products

  • Bicycles/tricycles
  • Motorcycles
  • Motorized three-wheelers


NABICO has an annual capacity to produce:

  • 100,000 bicycles / tricycles
  • 3,000 motor cycles
  • 1,000 motorized three-wheelers

NABICO has a fully automatic paint booth that has the capacity to paint at 500 parts per hour.


NABICO plans to introduce a full range of children’s, ladies, sport and mountain bicycles as well as a heavy-duty model for use in rural areas.