Tanzania is a vast country where 80% of the population live in rural areas. MeTL Group understands the complexities of delivering fast moving consumer goods, which gives the company an advantage in ensuring its products reach every potential consumer.
MeTL Group’s product portfolio consists of more than 50 of its own brands and over 200 other products, sourced both locally and abroad from other manufacturers. To ensure customers across the country, from Dar es Salaam to isolated rural villages, have access to these products, MeTL Group has developed a comprehensive distribution system.


MeTL Group has a strong centralized sales and marketing division that acts as an umbrella organization to sell products manufactured and traded within the MeTL Group and ensure adequate stocks are maintained. MeTL Group sales and Marketing team have developed a wide range of innovative selling mechanisms to reach every consumer at their doorstep.

Versatility of products

MeTL Group has a strong centralized sales and marketing division that employs a range of innovative selling mechanisms across product lines.
MeTL Group has also built up a dealership network of large wholesalers throughout Tanzania, which are serviced by a team of experienced sales executives. MeTL Group has a mobile sales division to ensure stocks of MeTL Group goods to sub wholesale and retail outlets scattered across the cities at a competitive price. More than 150 trucks go on fixed delivery routes around Dar es Salaam and surrounding areas daily, Another 100 mobile sales vehicles follow routes from the various regional branches serving remote areas.


The Group has more than 100 retail outlets across Tanzania.It also has an extensive network of more than 50 regional branches, across Tanzania, ensuring a constant supply of MeTL Group products to all stockists. The branches are fully equipped with experienced personnel, IT infrastructure, warehousing facilities and vehicles, and also act as command centers for the procurement of agricultural commodities from the farm gate.

One hundred trucks are designated to market and transport MeTL beverages across Dar es Salaam and surrounding areas.

MeTL Group has begun assertively exporting its products to neighboring countries like DRC, Zambia and Burundi.Projection MeTL Group at the moment covers wholesale, semi wholesale and A- class counters in the future we would like to cover every outlet to provide a superior service and provide greater availability in Tanzania. Simultaneously MeTL Group is coming up with its own set of distribution in regional countries like Uganda, Zambia Malawi, Rwanda and Burundi.