Star Oils Tanzania Ltd

MeTL Group’s Star Oils (T) Ltd started wholesale of petroleum products in December 2010. Located near Dar es Salaam’s port at Kurasini, it is one of the group’s newest business ventures.


Star Oils petroleum depots are connected to four pipelines for the bulk procurement of petroleum products direct from the port, Kurasini Oil Jetty (KOJ), to the company’s storage tanks. Fastest offloading facility in Dar es Salaam, resulting in significant operational savings. The facility has three loading gantries with a loading capacity of 5 million liters per day, making Star Oils the most efficient petroleum depot in Tanzania.

Versatility of Products

Star Oils supports the infrastructure for distribution of petroleum products in the local market and to neighbouring countries, including Uganda, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Zambia, Malawi and Burundi.


The company has a capacity to store 38 million litres of petroleum products.


Star Oils plans to increase its storage capacity to 60,000 tons within the next two years. Furthermore it is planning to extend storage to create a nationwide distribution of petroleum products. The new storage facility will have a capacity of 46 million litres, and will allow gasoline; gas oil and kerosene to be marketed through MeTL Group’s retail pump stations in the city and through other selected Tanzanian locations—in total nearly 200 pump stations. Star Oils expects the move to result in annual sales revenues of more than $300 million, representing 10% -12% of the total domestic fuel market sales.

MeTL Group later plans to expand its facilities to store liquefied petroleum gas for use in domestic gas cylinders.