MeTL Group is one of Tanzania’s largest and most diverse exporters. The Group commands an impressive network of people, infrastructure, technology, market intelligence, logistics and procurement. MeTL Group has an extensive infrastructure of more than 120 offices throughout Tanzania, all of which are equipped with warehouses, vehicles and processing equipment. Trained personnel purchase commodities directly from the farm gate and then clean, process and grade the goods ready for export to the international market.


MeTL Group exports help to build up the county’s economy by encouraging local producers and farmers. Furthermore it gives MeTL Group the opportunity to supply and work in the international markets. Versatility of Products

Agricultural product export portfolio includes cocoa, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, pigeon peas, yellow gram, cardamoms, castor seeds, coriander seeds, green moong, groundnuts, honey, soya beans, tea, red beans, maize. These products are exported to Europe, India, Pakistan, China, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Middle East (supplied to the World Food Program).

Forestry export products include gum Arabic and beeswax, which are mainly exported to Europe, USA, Japan. Also, sawn timber from the MeTL Group’s saw mill in the Tanga region of Tanzania is also exported.

The majority of textiles produced by the MeTL Group’s textile mills (refer to Textiles page) are exported to the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Mozambique and other neighboring countries. Sizeable quantities are also exported to Greece and Italy.

Sisal fiber yarn, twines and ropes are exported to industrial users in Japan, India and other Asian countries. Products are also exported to Spain, Italy, Belgium, Holland and France, as well as Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia and Yemen.

Mo Cashews Ltd, the Group’s cashew processing company (refer to Food page), exports raw cashews in shells as well as top-grade processed cashews to several global markets including the USA, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, South Africa and the Middle East. As the only manufacturer of bicycles in East Africa, the National Bicycles Company Ltd (refer to Bicycles page) is well placed to secure export markets in neighboring African countries.

Household products, including flour, soap, detergent, and edible oil, are manufactured for the domestic as well as East and Central African export markets (refer to Manufacturing page).


MeTL Group exports 500,000 tons per annum of commodities within Africa and around the world.


The Group aims to double its exports to 1 million tons per annum within the next three years.