Demonstrating a true commitment to corporate social responsibility is important to MeTL Group. The group’s founder and Chief Executive Officer Mohammed Dewji, also Member of Parliament for Singida Urban District, has ensured this is a significant element of the organisation’s activities by founding the Mo Dewji Foundation, which administers all corporate social responsibility funding from the entire group.

The aim of the Mo Dewji Foundation is: 'To enable and empower the many under-privileged who continue to struggle in Tanzania, with a specific emphasis on health, education, access to water and sports development.'

Since 2000 MeTL Group has been developing and expanding its corporate social responsibility program. Over the last five years, Mo Dewji Foundation has spent more than $3 million on community service projects

The Foundation supports many projects including the provision of clean water, improving sanitation, donation of mosquito nets, paying for healthcare treatment, improving education and bringing about action on women’s issues. Promoting well-being, youth and unity via sport in Tanzania has also been a key element of the foundation’s work. The Mo Dewji Foundation was a sponsor of one of Tanzania’s most popular soccer teams, Simba, for over a decade and continues to support the national soccer team, Taifa Stars.

MeTL Group Chief Executive Officer Mohammed Dewji, as Member of Parliament for Singida Urban District, established an organization called in 2006. Singida is one of the poorest regions of Tanzania. ’s aim is to improve the lives of Tanzanians living in the region by helping to create an environment in which citizens, local government, civil society and the private sector form collaborative partnerships towards sustainable socio-economic development.

Since its launch has spent more than two billion Tanzanian Shillings on a wide range of activities. These include: constructing schools, drilling wells, distributing mosquito nets, supplying maize flour during the 2005-2006 drought, scholarships for secondary school, healthcare for the critically ill, constructing an eye-unit at the regional hospital, installing street lighting, food support for those with HIV/Aids, rehabilitating mosques and churches, purchasing sports equipment and equipping farmers.