We want to be the best in everything we do. Our work culture is characterized by entrepreneurial thinking and the continuous readiness for change. Innovations create real value for our customers.

A commitment to sustainability has always been an important factor of our success. Workplace variety, which also becomes evident in the preferences, knowledge and skills of our employees, is an important value and competitive advantage. That is why we support our employees and believe that our company would not reach new heights without them

Board of Directors
  • Mohammed Dewji

    CEO and President
  • Gulamabbas Dewji

  • Hussein Dewji

    Director of Sales
  • Fatema Dewji Jaffer

    Director of Marketing
  • Hassan Dewji

    Director of Human Resources

Mohammed Dewji

CEO & President

These qualities characterize each METL employee:

  • The desire to continually question and challenge the status quo
  • The relentless drive to find better and more innovative solutions
  • The passion to meet all of our customers' requirements
  • Developing top products and technologies that many people around the whole world rely upon
These are the essentials that define the METL Spirit.