The group aims to continue to develop its market to provide Tanzanian farmers with superior quality, durable machinery and advanced technology, ensuring ‘total solutions’ for all farming needs but at low maintenance costs.

MeTL Group has been working with Tanzania’s large farming community since 2012 and has gained a reputation for reliable farm implements at an economical price. The company stocks all the latest products, supplying both pre- and post-harvest equipment, all of which conform to international quality standards.


MeTL Agro Tractors & Implements is one of the leading suppliers, traders, wholesalers of tractors and other farm implements in Tanzania. Registered brand “TAFE”, Tractors And Farm Equipment Ltd, is widely accepted by Tanzanian farmers and is a member of the Amalgamations Group of Chennai of India.

Versatility of Products

MeTL AGRO’s tractors range from 47HP - 85HP.

The company provides disc ploughs, disc ridge, tipping trailers, non-tipping trailers, slashes, boom sprayers, sub-soilers, cultivators, and others. The company also supplies machinery of various sizes, which can be customized in compliance with industry standards. MeTL AGRO also sells high quality fertilizer, including DAP, Urea, CAN and NPK.


MeTL Agro is considering a move into the business of agrochemicals and sprayers.