To become the largest distributor of airtime and prepaid SIM cards in the market

Zefona Cellines is a leading super dealer for Vodacom (T) Ltd and one of the fastest growing associate companies of MeTL Group. Vodacom, a joint venture between Vodacom South Africa and Vodafone UK, is reputed to be the best mobile service provider in Tanzania.


Zefona has an established distribution network throughout Tanzania and a respected market reputation amongst its sub-dealers.

Versatility of Products: Handsets, SIM cards, Vouchers, Accessories , Electronic airtime


Zefona constitutes 25% of Vodacom’s total sales for new connections, airtime, and phones.


Zefona is growing by an average 20% per annum and stands to make further gains based on Vodacom Tanzania’s projected growth rate of 30% - 40% as mobile telephony, mobile internet and SMS become more established in Tanzania.