East Coast Oils and Fats Limited

MeTL Group subsidiary East Coast Oils and Fats is a state-of-the-art facility for the manufacture of edible oils, fats and soaps. It is the largest plant of its kind located at one site for the entire African continent. The Group has been in production since October 2006, and boasts 60% of the Tanzanian market.

The plant, in Dar es Salaam, consists of refinery, dry-fractionation plant and soap manufacturing, cooking fat and margarine facility. East Coast utilizes natural gas from Songo-Songo—a gas field on and offshore Songo Songo Island, about 15km from the Tanzanian mainland and 200km south of Dar es Salaam.

MeTL Group is building the largest refinery at one single point, it will have a capacity of over 750,000 M/Tons per annum.


East Coast’s modern manufacturing facility and location close to Dar es Salaam’s port ensure the company a competitive edge in terms of quality, costs and logistics.
The plant also has its own railway siding providing cost-effective delivery options.

Versatility of Products:

  • East Cost produces a wide range of products suitable for both hot and cold climates in order to satisfy consumer needs.
  • Mo sunflower oil 400 ml x 24 pet, 1 ltr x 12 pet, 2.5 ltr x 6 pet, 5 ltr x 4 pet, 10 ltr pet.
  • Mo premium 10 ltr bucket, mo premium 20 ltr bucket.
  • Safi 10 ltr bucket,20 ltr bucket, 6 ltr pet jar,15 ltr pet jars.
  • Safi 400 ml x 12 pet bottles (shrink), 900 ml x 6 pet bottles (shrink), 1.5 ltr x 6 pet bottles (shrink), 1.5 ltr x 12 pet bottles (box), 2 ltr x 6 pet bottles (shrink), 2 ltr x 9 pet bottles (shrink). Mpishi 15ltr bucket.
  • Maisha 8kg bucket, maisha / safi17 kg jerry can, maisha/safi 17 kg bucket.
  • Safi oil satchets 250mlx24, satchets 100mlx48, 4x5 ltr ctn, 6x3 ltr ctn, 12x900 ml-jcans/ ctn.
  • Mo mpishi cooking fat- 15 kg carton.
  • Mo margarine- 10kg carton,100 gr x 48 pcs, 250 gr x 48 PCS, 500 GR X 24 PCS.


Refining capacity of 600 tons per day (220,000 tons per annum), including bleaching and deodorization and under expansion by the end of 2014 the total capacity shall be to refinery 2250 MT(820) per annum of oil. Refinery of soft oil will have the capacity of 300 MTs per day
Fractioning capacity of 1750 tons per day (638,000 tons per annum) beginning with refined palm oil and under additional expansion of 365,000 MT per year.
A manufacturing line of toilet soaps with a capacity of 600 tons a month (131,400tons a annum), further expansion of toilet soap 18,000 MT/yearly.
Four manufacturing lines of laundry soap with an aggregate capacity of 11,000 tons per month (131,400 tons per annum) of finished soap.


East Coast Oils and Fats Ltd is set to double its production capacity to 1,200,000 metric tons per annum. The plant will also introduce new product lines including palm oil, sunflower oil, soya oil, margarine and soap.