MeTL Group imports 120,000 tons crude for its Oil refinery, which is a state of the art facility for the manufacture of edible oils, soaps and fats and is the largest plant of its kind in East and Central Africa. Taking the example of countries like Malaysia and Uganda who are developing own plantation and refinery, the group expects to benefit from its proposed plantations which will not only reduce dependence on imports of raw material but will also contribute to the capacity building of its agrarian rural economy.

Versatility of Products:

The Country’s requirement of crude palm oil is around 50,000 tons per month. This is the cheapest edible oil available rich in antioxidants and growing in demand globally. All the crude oil requirements of the country is presently imported and the largest exporter Malaysia has started processing crude oil and hence stopped exports by developing own local
refineries leading to a shortage of importable raw material. Presently only Indonesia is leading in production and export of world palm crude oil.


MeTL Group is investing into acquiring additional 25,000 hectors of land for large-scale cultivation. Presently 80% of the local produce is concentrated in Kigoma region and other areas are in Kyela district and some parts of Tanga region. As a forward integration plan the group already owns the largest refinery in the region to process crude oil. The plantation of this crop is most suitable in the tropical region within 20 degrees latitude and hence is projected to grow well in Tanzania where arable land is adequate.


With the proposed acquisition of land for palm oil cultivation, approximate crude oil production will be around 130,000 tons, which will meet our processing factory requirements also.